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Yield in kWh per Wp per year in the Northern Netherlands

Yield solar panels north of the NetherlandsThe most standard solar panel at the moment is the 280 Wp. per panel of 1.65 x 1 meter wide. Under laboratory conditions this panel produces 280 kWh. However, in practice, these conditions are never achieved and we use a conversion factor to arrive at the actual yield of solar panels. This efficiency depends on many factors including the location of the solar panels in the Netherlands.

Assuming a south-facing roof with an optimal angle of inclination of 30 degrees, the maximum yield depends on the location in the northern Netherlands. This is because the west of Fryslan gets more sun than East-Groningen and South-East Drenthe. For the east a conversion factor of 0.82 applies. For the city of Groningen up to the line Hoogezand – Coevorden a conversion factor of 0.85 applies. On the line Zoutkamp – Meppel up to Holwerd – Emmeloord 0,88. The west of Fryslan is the most favorable with a conversion factor of 0.91.

Growth in solar power in the Netherlands and the north

The Netherlands had a total of 569,656 operating solar installations in 2017, according to CBS in the report ‘Solar power by region‘ published on June 22, 2018. That represents a growth of 29.5% compared to 2016.

Of these, 31,277 were in the province of Groningen, 29,936 in Friesland and 31,719 in Drenthe. If we look at the installed capacity of these solar power installations, it turns out that the Netherlands has 2,873,405 KW of installed capacity of solar panels. That is an increase of no less than 34.5% compared to 2016.

Groningen solar panels have a capacity of 202,023 kW, the Frisian panels 172,592 kW and the Drenthe solar panels have a total capacity of 158,695 kW. So you can see that the capacity of solar power systems is increasing faster than the number of installations. In other words, the systems or solar parks are getting bigger or more panels are being used with a higher capacity. This trend will continue in the years to come, given the increase in the number of Wp per solar panel.

The following projects have recently been installed in the northern Netherlands

644 solar panels on roof Peter Kuil

The Energy Cooperative (EC) Noorddijk wants to generate sustainable energy. The motto is: power from the neighbourhood for the neighbourhood.

Peter Kuil’s company has made a considerable contribution by making its roof available free of charge to EC Noorddijk for the installation of 644 solar panels.

The purpose of the cooperative is to generate energy sustainably, but also to devise measures together to save energy.


Zonnepanelen Peter Kuil EC Noorddijk

Factory VDM Woningen covered with solar panels

The factory of VDM Woningen will soon be covered with no less than 3,100 solar panels. ANS Installations will take care of the installation.

In the VDM factory in Drogeham the walls, floors and roofs are being constructed and prefabricated. The roof will be fitted with solar panels using the SDE+ subsidy.

VDM Zonnepanelen

Henk Bol, Bol ICT: "On our way to energy label A!

An office located in a former stable, built in 1965, which thanks to measures taken already meets energy label C: a great achievement by Bol ICT. Henk Bol, owner of this ICT company on Noorddijkerweg, is enthusiastic about the result. “Especially the replacement of the lighting with LED is really a huge improvement in light output.”

For Henk Bol, the possible legal obligation that every office larger than 100m2 must have at least energy label C by 2023 was not the primary reason for the measures taken. “One of my personal annoyances was that some lights were left on when no one was working. I wanted to do something about that. And we were in dire need of a new climate system. That prompted me to do it all right from the start: indoor climate, lighting and soundproofing.”

1,800 solar panels at Terwolde Groningen and Nefkens Noord

On the roof of Terwolde Groningen and Nefkens Noord, 1,800 solar panels will be installed. The installation on the joint premises is done by Beter Duurzaam.

The building is located at the Euvelgunne junction on the Driebond industrial estate. The entire power supply will be done by the solar panels. Furthermore, there are also heat pumps installed.

Zonnepanelen Terwolde Groningen / Nefkens Noord

First solar park on Terschelling

Energiecoperatie Terschelling Energie has realised the first solar park. The park has over 1.500 solar panels, providing a total of 400.00 kWh of electricity. Groenleven has installed the solar panels.

Approximately 120 households can be provided for. Terschelling Energie aims to make the island more sustainable. “Of the energy that we all use we want to generate as much as possible ourselves”.

Zonnepark Terschelling Hee

Solar panels in triangular arrangement at Energy Academy Europe

The building of the Energy Academy Europe in Groningen must be as energy efficient as possible. As part of this, the EAE has solar panels on the roof that have been placed in a triangular arrangement.

Just recently, the former UN Secretary General performed the opening of the UN Global Center on Adaptation in the education building.

Energy Academy zonnepanelen

Subsidy possibilities in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe

We have listed subsidy opportunities and low-cost loans for residents of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe, conveniently sorted by province. You can find them here

Opening Zonnepark Airport Eelde

Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen opent uniek zonnepark op Airport Eelde

Op 10 februari 2020 heeft minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen het zonnepark geopend op Airport Eelde. Het is een uniek zonnepark, want de 63.196 panelen zijn gebouwd tussen de taxi- en start-/landingsbaan.

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Test met solar-dakpannen in Groningen

Aan De Loskade in Groningen wordt de komende jaren geëxperimenteerd met solar-dakpannen. Op het voormalige Suikerunieterrein is een zogeheten pop-up wijk geopend, waaronder solar-dakpannen worden getest.

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Zonnepark Vierverlaten

Toename insecten bij zonnepark in Hoogkerk

Het zonnepark bij Hoogkerk is populair onder insecten en roofvogels. Dat heeft de gemeente Groningen geconstateerd.

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