Solar panel inverter

Solar panel inverters, what are they and what do they do?

An solar panel inverter is a very important part of your solar power system. But what exactly do they do? Inverters convert the direct current that solar panels generate into usable alternating current (also called grid power) for our home or business. Do your solar panels generate more energy than you use? The surplus of energy that has already been converted into alternating current by an inverter can then be exchanged with the energy supplier. This surplus can be netted. Even if you are not using the energy yourself at the time, you can offset it against the energy that you are drawing from the grid at other times. In fact, you are selling this electricity at the same price as the electricity from the energy supplier.

Several types of  solar panel inverters

There is an enormous amount of brands and types available. Not only are there different brands on the market, per brand there are also different types. So choosing the right inverter is very important. What is the right one for your solar power system depends on several factors. Efficiency is the most important.

Selection criteria for inverters

The first selection criterion when choosing an inverter is that it must be well matched to the total power (number of panels x the peak power per panel) of your solar power system. Once you have determined this, the choice becomes much easier. Next, the arrangement of the solar panels on the roof is important. In what direction are the solar panels located? At what angle are they positioned? And do certain panels catch shade? If so, in many cases a lighter inverter will suffice. This means that the panels may have a higher peak capacity than he can handle, but that this peak capacity is not achieved given the location and any shadow. A lighter version is then sufficient for your situation. And then the best buy. With many solar panels on the roof, it is common to connect them to multiple inverters.

What do you need to think about when installing?

First of all, an solar panel inverter produces its own heat. Make sure it is not in the sun. If it cannot dissipate its heat, the efficiency drops and you shorten its life. Inverters with a transformer also produce noise. Place them in a place where the noise does not disturb you on a sunny day. Almost every edition needs its own group in the fuse box. Also, the old meter is often replaced by a smart meter. Your installer often arranges this with the energy company.

How long does an solar panel inverter last?

Where solar panels have a guaranteed yield of at least 25 years and often function for 30 to 35 years, the solar panel inverter is a more critical part of your total system. Assume that in the total lifespan of the solar power system of 30 years you have replaced all inverters at least once. Good inverters come with a 10-year warranty. Technically, a lifespan of around 15 years can be expected.

There are several brands on the market. Below you can see some of the various brands:

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